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The relevance of legitimate expectations in transitional processes

Mittwoch, 26.05.2021

May 26th, 2021, 10:15 – 17:00 (CEST)

The team of the project LEXAT invites you to a conference on Wednesday, 26th of May. 

The ACRP Project LEXAT (Legitimate Expectations and Austria’s Transformation to a Low-Carbon Society and Economy) brings together moral and political philosophy, economics, and law to investigate the interdisciplinary question of legitimate expectations in the Austrian low carbon transformation. More specifically, it aims to identify ethically legitimate and legally relevant expectations that are likely to be frustrated during the transition to a low carbon society, to identify how the frustration of these expectations differ depending on the chosen transition pathway, and to analyze potential claims for compensation based on the frustration of legitimate expectations.

Within the context of this project, we offer an academic conference that will bring together scholars interested in the economic, legal, and philosophical aspects of legitimate expectations in transitional processes.

Access to the Conference is free, but you will need to send an e-mail to santiago.truccone-borgogno(at)uni-graz.at or gunter.schuessler(at)uni-graz.at for receiving the link of unimeet.

We are looking forward to meet you online at the conference! 

Click here to download the program/time schedule of the conference.

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